About Us

About the Shop
Feel Good Mama is a way of living. It's for ladies who want to feel their best in mind, body and spirit.

Everything in our store is carefully sourced and handpicked.  Each item is curated by other mamas like you. It's not just about a product, it's about an experience.  The items in our shop will take your energy vibes up a notch!

Take a look around. We hope our shop inspires you to level up and live your best life.  You deserve to feel good mama!
About the Owner
I'm Shannon, a mom of 2 and small business owner.  I wanted to introduce myself, and tell you a little about why I started Feel Good Mama.
Shannon and Kids

I struggled BIG TIME with the transition of becoming a mom. I love my kids more than anything, and I gained SO much by having them and being their mother, but I couldn't help but feel like I lost a bit of myself in the process.

It was a hard time for me. I felt drained, tired all the time and stressed.  I struggled with postpartum anxiety, and wasn't feeling my new mom bod.  This mama was on a mission to feel good again, and that was when the concept of Feel Good Mama was born.

Self care is absolutely essential to be the best version of ourselves.  So I started to find ways to feel better.  I slowly started to do things for ME...things that made me feel good.

I worked out...I ate healthy...I started meditating...I spent more time outdoors, and doing other things I loved...I practiced gratitude...and it became my mission to find ways to increase my energy.

So here it is - Feel Good Mama.  This is truly a passion project for me, because I feel a strong calling to help women feel good.  Self care isn't selfish, it's essential to thrive in life.