Dreamer Necklace in rose gold, silver and gold | Intention Jewelry
Dreamer Necklace in gold | Intention Jewelry
Dreamer Necklace in Slver | Intention Jewelry
Dreamer Necklace in Rose Gold | Intention Jewelry
Dreamer Necklace

Dreamer Necklace

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The dreamers are a special breed.  The world is always full of possibilities, and the dreamers are always reaching for new heights on their personal journey.

It's part of your identity, and now you can wear it with pride!

Our custom made dreamer necklace is available in silver, gold or rose gold coloring.

Item Type: Necklace
Material: Sterling Silver
Color Options: Silver, Gold or Rose Gold

Shipping: Item will be shipped via USPS First Class Mail.  Please allow approximately 1 week for US orders.  Orders often arrive earlier than this time window.  We process orders within 24 - 48 hours and shipping details are available after that time.

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