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Patience Bracelet | Women's Intention Jewelry | White Background

Patience Bracelet

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Moonstone, Pink Opal and Morganite come together to help ground, bring patience and abundance to one's life. 

  • Moonstone: for clarity & growth
  • Pink Opal: to help heal matters of the heart and release fear, worry & anxiety
  • Morganite: high vibration stone of unconditional love

The materials are sourced from authentic, high-quality crystals and that are fair trade and authentic (non-synthetic or dyed). The stones are cleared of all energies under the full moon, and made with love.

Certified authentic by GIA, fair trade & handmade.

Special Note: The bracelet is made from natural stones, so the color may be slightly varied from bracelet to bracelet. Each one is unique.

Shipping: Item will be shipped via USPS First Class Mail.  Please allow approximately 1 week for US orders.  Orders often arrive earlier than this time window.  We process orders within 24 - 48 hours and shipping details are available after that time. 

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