Goddess Vibes Crystal Kit
Goddess Vibes Crystal Kit

Goddess Vibes Crystal Kit

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Let your inner goddess shine!  Our custom made crystal kit comes with the tools to help you vibrate higher, promote self love, enhance calming energy and reduce stress.  Each kit comes with a storage box and descriptions of your stones.

This set includes:

  • Aragonite: An excellent earth healer and grounding stone. Centers physical energies and c and calming over sensitivity. Helps settle and ground energy if you have nervous tendencies. Useful for people who push themselves too hard. A very supportive stone.
  • Prehnite: Very powerful stone for female energy. Helps heal the healer. Stone of unconditional love.  Helps one to always be prepared, no matter what. It teaches you how to be in harmony with nature elemental forces.  A good Feng Shui stone.
  • Mookaite: A nurturing stone that supports and sustains during times of stress. This stone brings peace and wholeness.  Encourages versatility.  It helps one accept change and new ideas.
  • Selenite: Derives from the Greek word meaning Moon Goddess.  One of the most powerful stones for the new vibration on earth. A powerful stabilizer for erratic emotions. It brings about a conscious understanding of what is taking place.
  • Pink Rose Quartz: A stone of unconditional love & infinite peace. Draws love and acceptance towards oneself. One of the finest emotional healers. Invokes self trust and self worth. A rescue remedy in times of turbulent emotions. Provides reassurance and calm. Holding rose quartz enhances positive affirmations. Promotes receptivity to beauty of all kinds. This stone draws love toward you.
  • Mangano: A stone of forgiveness of oneself and others. It brings unconditional love, releasing fear and grief.  A calming stone for emotions and high anxiety.  Useful in stressful situations. This stone helps with self-worth and learning to love who you are.

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