6 Tips for Managing Stress

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S-T-R-E-S-S.  Just typing that makes me feel the extra weight on my shoulders. And I know that all us mamas want less of it, and find better ways of managing it.

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It’s a part of life, so it’s up to us to regulate it, and not get all consumed by it.

The last few years I’ve really focused on managing my stress and anxiety, so I wanted to share some 6 tips that have really helped me get a better handle on it.

  1. Just Breathe - It sounds simple, but it works and you can do it anywhere!  Put your hand on your belly. Take a deep breath in with your nose, and watch your stomach extend out. Slight pause, then breathe out and pause. Continue and repeat.  It only takes 90 seconds to shift your emotions, so any time you are feeling a bit wound up, try this!

  2. Take a Shower - This always helps me. I visualize washing away all those things that are weighing me down. Focus on the water hitting your body...the sounds, and just let yourself zone out.  And feeling clean helps to perk up my energy levels too.

  3. Listen to music - Create your high vibe music list, and put it on whenever you need a little pick me up. Blast it, and a little dance party will get those feel good endorphins pumping even more.  Here is a fun good mood playlist to get you started!

  4. Get Active - When you get your body moving, it helps to relieve stress.  The key is to pick something you like AND makes you feel good. All too often, people get in the habit of doing what they *think* they should be doing.  For example, I used to go running, because I thought it was good for me. I hated each and every minute of it, but I thought I needed the cardio. Because that’s what was “in” at the time.  I’ve since learned to find different types of workouts that I enjoy.

    Since we've been locked down, I've been doing a 4 day a week at home lifting program.  I'm loving it and feeling so great! 
    The kids see me exercising, and they want to join in too!  They have been doing Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube! 

    Getting active and moving your body doesn’t have to be your stereotypical workouts. Don’t discount fun things like dancing, jumping on a trampoline or jump roping! Great creative and get moving. 

    If you are looking for an at home workout platform, this one is my favorite! *

  5. Meditate - This is one of the practices that has had the biggest impact on my overall mental health and wellbeing.  There are different types of meditations, but ultimately it’s about focusing and strengthening your mind.

    My goal is to try and meditate 20 minutes a day, but this doesn’t always happen (because kids), but honestly I just do the best that I can and it makes a difference. Sometimes it's just 5 minutes if that is all I can squeeze in.  And it's the most impactful when I start my day with it.  
    I’ve found that a lot of ladies want to try meditation, but don’t know where to get started. I recommend checking out guided meditations, you can access lots of free ones like this on YouTube 
    or check out an app like Pacifica or Calm.  I sit in a chair, or with legs crossed on the floor.  I know it’s tempting to lay down, but you will most likely fall asleep. Buy hey, sometimes a little sleep is what we need.

  6. Vibrate Higher with Crystals - Crystals aren’t magic rocks, but they are powerful!  They are excellent tools to get your mind, body & soul together to feel your absolute best.

    Each crystal holds a special meaning and energy.  Surrounding yourself with that energy can help you set your intentions regarding all the things you want in your life.

    They can be worn on your body, used to meditate, incorporated into your yoga or energy practice, help calm you in times of stress or be placed around the house to surround yourself with all the uplifting energy.  There are so many different ways to use crystals, and they are absolutely beautiful to look at!

    Have you checked out our crystals and energy tools?  They are a great way to set your intentions and start infusing more positivity into your life!

These are the tried and true ways that I personally manage my stress.  Next time you start feeling that tension, give some of these a try.

I’d love to hear...what are your best ways to manage your stress?  Please share in the comments.  It’s always great to hear what is working for other ladies, and then try it out myself.

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