How to Deal When You Are An Overwhelmed Mama

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Being totally overwhelmed.  I think this is something that nearly every mom can relate to.  Being a mom is all consuming, and can easily lead to overwhelm.

Stressed Mom

The Struggle is Real

For myself, I struggled after I had my first baby. When this tiny human came into my life, my previously very independent reality was soon flipped and turned on its head. 

I finally got into somewhat of a groove with #1, and then BOOM - child #2 came along.  That was the TIPPING POINT.

I wasn't sure how I was going to manage.  There was so much to do, and I still only had two hands.  I was struggling BIG time.

I started to feel like I had:

--No Time

--No Energy

--No Control.

And it didn't feel good.  I know you may be feeling the same way.

The Story You Are Telling Yourself

And then what started to happen is this "poor me" story went on repeat in my head. Queue the tiny violins.  Sound familiar?

Our thoughts create our reality.  And there you are, with exactly what you were afraid time, no energy and no control.  It felt paralyzing.

BUT, if you find yourself in a similar spot, there IS something you can do about it.

I knew this was not serving me. That I could not be the best version of myself in this frame of mind. 

This is when I dug deep into personal development and learned TWO really important things.

How to Calm The Crazy

1) Start By Doing

DOING, puts you in a new frame of mind.  When that sad "poor me" story starts to play again, nip it in the bud.  Drop the story and just do what you are trying to avoid. It's so cliche', but it really works.

For example....

Not enough time? 

I know a lot of us fall into this trap.

Suggestion #1: Wake up 1 hour earlier, and there is your extra time.  Yes, I love my sleep as much as anyone, but you know what sucks worse than losing a little sleep, having a life that is stressing me the f- out. And for that, yes, I will get my ass up an hour early if it helps.

Suggestion #2: Get a planner!  Seriously, this was a game changer in how I manage my day.  I got the one that breaks the day up into 30 minutes, and it is crazy how much time I was wasting.  I schedule my day out, and even get lots of breaks (gasp!).  But for real, consider this, especially if you are a SAHM.  It will help keep your sanity, and make you feel productive.

Not enough energy? 

If you use my tip above, and make some time for yourself, you WILL start to get more energy.  Self care isn't selfish, its essential. So carve out some time for you (no matter what it takes), you will start to fill up your cup, and be able to give more to the people around you.

No control?  

When we get out of our head, and look at reality in a different way, things start to open up. When you used to see roadblocks, now you see an opening.  Instead of finding problems, be solution focused.


2) Find Focus

When you are juggling a bunch of different balls, there is always a chance one is going to drop. I noticed that when I was doing really well in one place, I ended up slipping up someplace else.  

This is why its super important to BE FOCUSED.

What are the parts of your life that are MOST important for you?  This is where you need to be the most focused and consistent.

For me, it's:
1) Family
2) Health
3) My business

And in that order.

The order is super important, because it helps you to understand how to best allocate your resources.

I encourage you to pick your most important areas, and be super intentional when it comes to them.

Change Your Focus, Change Your Life

When you are in the thick of it, I understand it can be really hard to see a different way of life. I've totally been there.  But if you start to become aware of your thinking, and make some changes, it can honestly change your entire reality.

Sending you much love mama, you got this!

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