3 Tips to Help Get Past The Fear of Failure

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Is fear holding you back?  The fear of failure is scary for many of us.  And we react to it in different ways.  If it is holding you back, it's time to start to find ways to help get past the fear of failure, and living your best life!


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Maybe you never get started. Or maybe you get started and then quit too soon. Or maybe you start to self sabotage your efforts by constantly slamming the breaks on your efforts. Starting and stopping. Starting and stopping.

Does any of this hit home for you?

In the pursuit of growth, I’ve spent a lot of time being with myself. We are in our bodies all the time, but we don't always sit quietly and listen.  Being mindful, working to improve myself, and grow.  And in the process, I’ve learned a ton about myself.

One of the biggest lessons was discovering my fear of failure.  I wasn’t afraid of diving into new things.  But once I started doing the work, and realized how hard it might be, the fear of failure started to creep into my mind.

What if I can’t get to the level that I wanted to? What if I’m not good enough?  What if there is too much competition?  It’s scary to think about investing a bunch of time into something, and you aren’t exactly sure if you will be able to achieve your goal.

I share this, because I know you struggle with this too.  The conflict between wanting to grow into something great, but feeling unsure if you can actually accomplish it.

There are some 3 tips that I have learned along the way that can help you to push past your fears.

1) Focus on your journey, not the end result.

Too often we put so much energy and focus on the end result.  And in the process, we miss out on so many things we can enjoy and learn during the journey.

Yes, we need to know what we ultimately want to achieve in life.  But, we also need to remember that every step along the way we will have smaller successes, and they are also important and should be celebrated.

Each milestone you achieve, no matter how big or small, is moving you forward.  So focus more on what you are doing in the present moment.  The changes you are making RIGHT NOW are totally a big deal!

2) Don’t worry about other people's opinions.

Sometimes we tend to focus on what other people will think of us.  Will they judge us for what we are doing?  Or maybe for what we are giving up?  Or we think they don’t agree with your goals, or think we are crazy for even going for it.  This can especially affect you if you have big dreams that are a bit off the beaten path.  Those thoughts can get in our head, and take us away from what we truly desire.  And it sometimes sounds like...maybe they are right...maybe I should take the easier path. And the answer is no, no you shouldn’t.

There are two things to consider here.

First, they probably don’t really care about what we are doing.  Most people are focused on their own lives. And while we sometimes think people are judging us, they are likely not very invested in what we are doing.  It’s possible they are even inspired by you.  It takes courage to do something out of your comfort zone.

Second, if they are judging you, then who cares. It’s your life, not theirs.  And while a person’s desire to be socially accepted is sometimes strong, it shouldn’t be stronger than the desire to live the life of your dreams. And if they are judging you, it likely has everything to do about them, and not you or your situation.  If they live in a space of fear, seeing you push through it may make them feel uncomfortable, or even wishing they could do the same.

3) Do it because you love it, and remember your why.

If you are feeling driven to accomplish something, that fire is inside you for a reason.  No matter what you are doing, get super connected with your WHY.  What is the reason you want to accomplish your goal?  Keep that reason close to you as a means to help you stay connected when times get tough and that fear creeps into your mind.

You need to dig deep when it comes to your why.  Go past the surface level things like wanting to look a certain way, or have a certain amount of money or obtain some sort of status. What is the deep reason you want it? Explore the true reason, and it will keep you connected with your motivation and passion.


These are just a few ways you can get past the fear of failure.  It’s not about being fearless, but about pushing past that fear and doing what makes you feel passionate and alive!

I’m curious, if it weren’t for fear, what would you do?  Please share in the comments!

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    Very helpful! Thanks for sharing!

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