The Gift of Quarantine

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When the quarantine started, I was anxious and scared.  Mostly about about what was going on outside of our house , but also the thought of being stuck inside of our home, for an unknown amount of time. 

But I decided that I wasn't going to let the fear consume me.  Instead I embraced it, and focused on the positive that could come out of this situation.

We have been given the gift of time, the most valuable asset there is. Without all the distractions of normal life, what could we create? 

It was a chance to slow down and focus on what is important.  Spend more quality time with our family at home. Start to find the simple joys in the little things like playing a game with your kids, or just sitting outside and enjoying the sweet sounds of nature.

It was an opportunity to do all those things that were thrown on the back-burner in the hope that one day we would have more time.  Things like a craft project you always wanted to do, or a hobby you promised yourself you would pick up.

And a chance to take little moments and do more for yourself.  Start the day with a meditation, do an at home workout, enjoy that hot cup of coffee or tea and just relax.  And yes, I know that kids don't necessarily make that easy, but it's always worth the attempt to try for those moments of self care.

A time to organize our lives. Sort out what is most important. Cut out the clutter.  And I'm not just talking about closets and pantries, but in our mind and emotional lives as well.

Home became our sanctuary.  And some of my favorite memories were made during this quarantine.  And it may sound crazy to some, but I'm honestly going to miss it.

As restrictions start to lift, my hope is that families can continue to slow down, and keep some of these activities in their daily routines.  Don't forget to connect with each other, slow down and make time for the things that make your heart happy.

I think our old normal was broken.  It became even more clear to me when that idea of "normal" went away.  This pandemic is horrible, but I think the future, and how we live our lives after it has the opportunity to be something beautiful.

And for those of you that couldn't stay home, the essential workers that allowed our necessities to continue, thank you.  You are true heroes.

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