All Profits Until 4/15 Will Go Towards Fighting Coronavirus!!


I feel called to help during this time. It's incomprehensible that our first responders do not have face masks to protect them from the virus. 


From now until April 15th (or until I run out of inventory), I will donate 100% of the shops profits to purchasing N95 masks. I plan to provide them to our healthcare workers that NEED them right now. 

Many of you have seen the posts. People are asking for donations, and they are even asking people to make them!  I don't know how to sew, but I do have shop inventory that I can sell and put towards purchasing them.

Where will I get them?  The masks are still available on eBay, although they are really expensive.  My plan is to reach out to some of the store owners, and see if they will negotiate on prices. And if not, I will buy whatever I can at the asking prices.

If for some reason they run out of stock (I don't think they will, I'm just planning ahead), I will find another way to use the money for the cause.  Something like helping a family in need with groceries or other expenses. 

From the bottom of my heart, my goal is to help and make a difference! 

I've already brought the first batch of donations to the hospital, and they were SO appreciative.  I would love the opportunity to continue helping, but I need your help!

Please share and support a good cause! Get something for yourself, or for a friend that could use a little pick me up.

If we all do something small, it can add up to great things 💜

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