How Can Crystals Help Me?

Crystals have become very popular, especially with those focused on personal growth and looking to level up their lives.  And I know there are plenty of ladies that are interested in them, but aren’t totally sure what they are all about and how they can help you.

Let me start by saying, crystals are not magic rocks, at least not in my book!  Keeping a sack of stones next to your nightstand is NOT going to change your life.

BUT, crystals do carry energy, and are excellent for intention setting.  And that is why I love them, and keep them around me.

For example, let’s say you’ve been extra hard on yourself lately, and you really want to focus on self love.  Rose quartz helps with soothing energy, clearing out negative emotions and promotes unconditional love. Wearing this stone, or keeping it close to you is a great daily reminder to keep your thoughts in check, and to keep loving on yourself.

Wearing something like this Rose Quartz Lava Bracelet, can really help to get your mind and heart in the right place.  Or if you prefer a beautiful statement necklace, you will fall in love with our Rose Quartz Handmade Stack Necklace.

Rose Quartz Stack

Once you start getting into crystals, you begin to really see how beautiful they are, and you will want to start adding more to your collection!  They are not only great to wear, but are uplifting to keep around your house, and super impactful when you hold while you are doing your meditation practice (which in my opinion, is absolutely necessary for any mama who is looking to add some zen in their life).

We’ve put together some amazing crystal kits that are perfect for mamas that want to nurture and lift themselves up!  Each kit comes with a storage box and descriptions of your stones.

Crystal Kit


  • Stress Free Day: Every mama deserves a stress free day!  This custom crystal kit will help you set your intentions, calm any negative energies and get you to feeling your best.
  • Goddess Vibes: Let your inner goddess shine!  Our custom made crystal kit comes with the tools to help you vibrate higher, promote self love, enhance calming energy and reduce stress.  
  • Manifestation Mama: What you focus on grows.  That's why you need to decide exactly what you want your life to look like, and manifest it into your reality!  Our custom made manifestation crystal kit comes with the tools to help you attract abundance, amplify your energy, encourage harmony and provide balance.

You can find information on all of our crystal kits here.  Consider one for yourself, or for a friend that could use some extra positive vibes in their life.  After all, every mama can use a little pick me up!

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